Pops Bailey – Christopher Yahn

Stanley Gallagher – Erich Weyant

Clifton A. Feddington – Darryn A. Cleary

Zoot Doubleman – Jim Kaplan

Wally Fergusson – Lee Shultz

Lou Cohn  – Michael Morris

Johnny Cantone – Michael Cavalier

Ginger Brooks – Kelly Conley

Connie Miller – Mariann Palombo

B.J. Gibson – Kevin Pasquale

Neal Tilden – Scott Thewes

Ann Collier – Kimberley DeMasso

Geneva Lee Browne – Sandy Reigel

Biff Baker – Brian Pamer


Piano – Shirley Tsung

Bass – John Lanning

Drums – Harry Crum

Trumpets – Paul Bradshaw, Brian Cook, Janet Miller, Brian Parrish

Trombone – Bob Matchett, David Haffey, Chris Deane

Woodwinds – Brian Pamer, Ryan Nelson, Traci Sarnacki, Pam Sarnacki

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