“Barnum” Cast

P. T. Barnum – Jim Detwiler

Chairy Barnum – Jill Anne Ciccozzi

Ringmaster / James A. Bailey – Michael Cavalier

Joice Heth / Blues Singer – Marien E. Johnson

Tom Thumb – Jason Swauger

Amos Scudder / Edgar Templeton – Mark D. Funkhouser

Jenny Lind – Ellen Barrett

Sherwood Stratton – Mike Connifey

Julius Goldschmidt – Jeff Kemp

Hubert Morrisey – Colin Carey

Chester Lyman / Concert Master – Dennis Johnson

Wilton – Jeff Martin

Beefeaters – Scott Thewes, Michael Cavalier

First Woman – Elona Manko

Second Woman – Amy Janeck

Clowns – Becky Tress, Gary Gaczewski, Amy Cannon

Townspeople – Heidi George, Pam Bedison, Sue Peters, Jennifer Gibbs, Linda Hall, Nancy Bruce, Anne Marie Ronghi, Rena Lytle, Terri Gutierrez, Sherry Grime, Anita Romeo, Amy Janeck, Elona Manko, Cholly Bovalino, Ellen Barrett, Marien Johnson, Scott Thewes, Jeff Martin, Dennis Johnston, Jeff Kemp, Colin Cary, Jason Swauger


Tuba – Ron Romeo, Jr.

Trumpet – Thad Christian, Becky Tress

Trombone – Mark Peters, Rae Ellen Maple

Flute – Marianne Palombo

Piccolo – Anita Romeo

Banjo – Jan Flore

One-Man Band – Harry Crum

Euphonium – Chris Merryman


Violin – Mandy Span

Viola – Millie Span

Cello – Natalie McClune

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