“Grease” Cast

Miss Lynch – Cholly Bovalino

Patty Simcox – Elona Manko

Eugene Florczyk – Larry Spinnenweber

Jan – Mariann Palombo

Marty – Amy Janeck

Betty Rizzo – Kimberley DeMasso

Doody – Joe Stiefel

Roger – Brian D’Eramo

Kenickie  – Michael Cavalier

Sonny LaTieri – Michael Cavalier

Frenchy – Theresa Elliott

Sandy Dumbrowski – Virginia George

Danny Zuko – Darryn R. Cleary

Vince Fontaine – Michael Morris

Johnny Casino – Cliff Dowdell

Cha-Cha DiGregorio – Kelly Vonne Biondi

Teen Angel – James Detwiler

Chorus – Nancy Sue Rowse, Susan Wolber


Tenor Sax – Brian Pamer, Ryan Nelson

Keyboard – Shirley Tsung

Guitar – Michael Morris

Bass Guitar – John Lanning

Drums – Harry Crum

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