“Into the Woods” Cast 1991

Narrator / Mysterious Man – Darryn R. Cleary

Cinderella – Janet T. VanCott

Jack – Ryan Nelson

Baker – Jay Kadash

Baker’s Wife – Amy Sue Janeck

Cinderella’s Stepmother – Kimberly Jo DeMasso

Florinda – Kathy Montgomery

Lucinda – Beth A. Markel

Little Red – Mariann Palombo

Jack’s Mother – Ida Pappas

Witch – Kelly Vonne Mercer

Cinderella’s Father – Rich Carifo

Wolf / Cinderella’s Prince – Scott Thewes

Rapunzel – Pamela Sarnacki

Rapunzel’s Prince – Matthew G. McConaghy

Grandmother / Giant – Sharon Montello

Steward – Eric Mel Flenner

Cinderella’s Mother – Marianne Opsatik

Snow White – Melissa Rizzo

Sleeping Beauty – Kelly Fitzgerald


Flute – Tracy Sarnacki

Clarinet – Gene Felice

Bassoon – Danielle Householder

Horns – Jennifer Berad, Diane Gaydos

Trumpet – Lee Engle

Violins – Alice Leczak, Cindy Engle, Mandy Span, Pat Clowes

Violas – Millie Span, Emily Durham, Julie Freeman

Cello – John Schaefer, Natalie McClune

Bass – John Lanning

Piano – Rich Shyan

Keyboards – Rich Schiemer

Percussion – Tim Bickerton

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