“Jesus Christ Superstar” Cast 1986

Jesus – Jeff DeSantis

Judas – Bruce Irvin

Mary Magdalene – Shirley Tsung

Pilate – Pat O’Hara

Caiaphas – Jeff Stahl

Annas – John Burja

Peter – Jim Detwiler

Herod – Richard Schiemer

Simon Zealotes – Jason Swauger

Maid by the Fire – Shelly Guthrie

Old Man – Larry Spinnenweber

Soul Sisters – Debbie Krieger, Darlene Presto, Carla Biano

Apostles – Jim Detwiler, John Burja, Bruce Irvin, Dennis Johnston, Pat O’Hara, Michael Petruska, Barry Patrick, Eric Schiemer, Richard Schiemer, Larry Spinnenweber, Jeff Stahl, Jason Swauger

Soldiers – Eric Schiemer, Russell Couch

Tormentors – Jim Detwiler, Ellen Barrett, Jason Swauger, Sue Wolber

High Priests – Pat O’hara, Eric Schiemer

Women’s Chorus – Kristis DeMaiolo, Pam Bedison, Cholly Bovalino, Joni Burja, Jill Gacesa, Virginia George, Elona Manko, Chris Menand, Marianne Richards, Debbie Krieger, Darlene Presto, Carla Biano, Ellen Barrett, Sue Wolber


Flute – Maryann Stover, Susan Hayden

Clarinet – Caroline Hurdle

Saxophone – Ted Dengel, Brian Pamer

Trumpet – Brad Adams, Mark Custer

Trombone – David Hunter

Horn – Mike Zeglinski

Guitar – Dan Patsch, Mark Pullinger

Bass – Chris Antoline

Piano – Robin Winkle

Percussion – Terry Timm

Keyboards – David Kasunic

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