“Pippin” Cast


Leading Player – James W. Chavers

Pippin – Jason Swauger

Charles – Richard Schiemer

Lewis – John Burja

Fastrada – Pauline Reilly

Musician – Jeff DeSantis

The Head / Peasant – Larry Spinnenweber

Field Marshall / Baron – Jim Detwiler

Beggar – Gavan Pamer

Noble – Barry Patrick

Catherine – Carla Biano

Theo – Thomas Wolber

Players – Sue Wolber, Marianne Richards, Sue Hezlep, Darlene Presto, Virgina George


Piano – Shirley Tsung

Keyboards – David Kasunic, Ted Dengel

Clarinet – Caroline Herdle

Flutes – Maryann Stover, Sue Hayden

Trumpet – Brad Adams

Trombone – Chris Merryman

Horn – Mike Zeglinski

Guitar – Dan Patsch

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